How to Create Stellar Niche Paid Ad Campaigns

If you’ve been creating paid ad campaigns for a while, you’ve likely noticed how competitive online advertising has become. Businesses are spending more and more money on paid ad campaigns to attract a growing number of online users.  However, it’s important to recognize not everyone is in your target audience. There are a billion social media users, but your business may only be relevant for a few thousand.  It’s time to stop wasting money advertising to users who will never convert. Instead, you need to find your “ideal” users and create stellar niche paid ad campaigns to convert them.  Paid Media Vs. Owned Media Vs. Earned Media in Niche Markets It is easy to confuse the terms (paid media, owned media, and earned media), as they all pertain to marketing, but address different types of ads.  When you pay money to a third-party channel like a regional magazine to advertise your business, it’s called “paid media.” Here is an example of paid media on Twitter. If you post photos, videos, and other types of online…

Are 301 Redirects a Google Ranking Factor? via @sejournal, @kristileilani

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Facebook Has New Ways to Generate Leads & Connect With Customers via @sejournal, @MattGSouthern

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How to Sell on Amazon: Fees, Prime, Listings & More via @sejournal, @AMZRobynJohnson

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7 Reasons Scale-Ups Earn Investments, According to HubSpot's Founder

Every successful company starts with a single idea. It’s how those ideas are approached, molded, and questioned that dictate whether or not they go on to evolve into a startup. However, reaching startup-dom doesn’t complete the lifecycle of these ideas. Instead, becoming a startup is the moment when ideas begin to grow into something actionable, driven by a collection of intentional goals. And as all of us who have lived the startup life know — when you’re a startup, more often than not your goal is simple: to survive. I like to think of being a startup as treading water. Succeeding as a startup requires constant motion to ensure you can find product-market-fit, drive early customer growth, and build a baseline product all at the same time. The moment you stop moving is the moment you lose traction. And this is all before you’ve even begun to scale. Fortunately, there comes a point where you’ve treaded water long enough to reach your first lifeboat: Investments. That’s where it gets exciting. As startups move from idea…

The Future SEO: Boardroom edition

30-second summary: SEO’s dynamic nature and Google’s mysterious algorithm specifics keep the industry on its toes Is it possible to simply spot the inefficiencies of SEO in its infancy and foresee trends? With over 20 years of leadership roles, SEO pioneer Kris Jones taps into his experience to help SEOs derive more strategic value Pretty much anytime we speak about something’s future, we’re doing something called extrapolating. By definition, extrapolating involves extending existing data or trends to assume the same procedure will continue in the future. It’s a form of the scientific method that we probably use every day in our own lives, quite reasonably, too: the summers will be hot, the downtown traffic will be bad at 9 AM, and the sun will rise tomorrow morning. But how can we look into the future of something as complex and ever-changing as SEO? As with all cases of hindsight, we are clear on how SEO began and how it has transformed over time. We see the inefficiencies of SEO in its infancy and how advancing…

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8 Free Social Media Marketing Courses That Won't Put You to Sleep

More than half of the world’s population uses social media today for just about every aspect of life. This makes it a staple in any digital marketing strategy, but with multiple rapidly evolving platforms, it’s a bit of a beast to harness for business growth. The other problem, as you’ll soon learn, is that finding a free social media marketing course that is actually worth your time is harder than it should be.  Which is why I’m excited to share with you my list of eight courses that make for interesting and relevant online learning experiences. Each course covers a slightly different facet of social media marketing, including: Brand building and SEO Strategy building and tracking Social listening and monitoring Facebook and Instagram advertising Influencer marketing TikTok marketing and advertising Diversity and inclusivity in social media Paid social strategies In two hours or less Before we get into the courses, a bit of context. The problem with Googling “free social media marketing courses” Google is generally good at providing the best results for queries (because, Google), but there are exceptions. And apparently, “free…