What is Google’s Core Web Vitals Update?

What is Google’s Core Web Vitals Update?🤔

So today I’m going to talk to you about Core Web Vitals. There’s going to be a Google update around this. Which could either help your rankings or could hurt your rankings. I’m going to tell you what it’s about and the things that you need to do. So that you can be successful and you can get a boost. From the core web vitals Google update that’s going to happen in the future. Let’s go ahead and dive into it.

Okay, so first thing: let’s go over a little bit of the evolution. Of how we got here and then next we’re going to get into why you need to pay attention to that.

Following that, we’ll get into some quick things that you need to know. Then you’ll have all the information that you need on Core Web Vitals in a couple minutes. So let’s go ahead and get started.

So first thing is: what’s the evolution? Well? First, Google looked at how fast a page loads. They came out with the page speed Google update. That was a big one. Then they came out with the mobile friendliness update. So is your website mobile-friendly? Those are two things. That are now reports inside a Google search console and their ranking factors. Then next they’ve come out with core web vitals.

So core web vitals, it’s pretty straight forward. It looks at three different things.

It looks at your speed.

It looks at your responsiveness

It looks at your visual stability

I’ll get a little bit more into specifics on that in a second. But why did Google do this?

Well, first, the Google update is going to be coming. So that’s one thing that you need to know as far as why they are doing this.

For the Google update, that report is in Google search console. But in addition to that. They’ve updated other popular tools as well. They’ve also updated lighthouse. Which is a popular tool and they also updated the PageSpeed insights tool as well.

So those are three different places where you can look at core web vitals. Besides that, they’re going to be helping third parties. Who are creating reports for webmasters. On integrating core web vital metrics in their also. They made it so that amp is no longer needed for top stories. So if you’re not familiar with top stories in Google News. And on the mobile version within the news area of the mobile site. You can see stories up there that are from amp pages and before you had to have only amp pages to show up there.

There are special things you need to do to configure that. So now you are not going to need that with this new core web Vital updates. Amp is no longer going to be necessary. As long as you’re following some of these important things. Then finally, they are going to be updating all the developer tools around this as well. So now that we know a little bit about the evolution. We also went over some of the things that are important. Why you need to know and why Google has done this. Now, let’s get into a couple other important things.

So first, this is just the start. Okay, so Google has gone on record. Saying that they’re going to continue. To look at these important things around experience. As we move into the future for SEO rankings. So this isn’t going to be the only experience thing that they do. This is the first thing that they’re doing. They said that inside of their blog post, that they wrote on the topics. So next, we will look at actually what core web vitals are and then how they affect search signals for a page.

This is how it works. Okay, so core web vitals are the website’s loading speed right. So how fast does the page load does it load correctly? Interactivity, can people interact with the page ? Then it looks at visual stability right? So is it stable? So when the page loads does it jump around? If you click a button, does it move and things like that? But in addition to that, you’ve got these other elements that also impact the page.

So is it mobile friendly? Is it safe for browsing? Is it on HTTPS right? Is it a secure page and are there no