New Social Media Platform – No Shadow Bans!

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Check out the new social media platform “Yak ‘N’ Chat”. Almost like the bigger named platforms, but without the shadow banning and adblocking. Also, you can post, chat, post videos, post articles to their blog, create groups, create stores, and much more. The platform is just launching, so be one of the first to join and help it grow. I’ve met some great people there already. So I appreciate how they leave it up to the adults to do their own research and not push misinformation. The hired Fact-checkers do not haunt every political post. I mean, so far, it’s a great platform.

People there seem to respect each other and post engaging content that I enjoy. I think you should check out this hot new social media platform and help me help it grow! If you’re tired of seeing the same old drama-filled social media feeds. Start your own awesome news feed at Yak N Chat. So, I’m starting a marketing tips group there myself and you should start a group as well. So if you happen to stop by look me up. I’ll be sure to follow you back and accept you to the group asap.

Thanks for taking the time to read my article about this new social media platform. And if you have created any articles, products, courses, etc., and would like me to check your creations out. Leave a comment and the link to your post, and I’ll be glad to. I’ll even leave a comment or follow your page. You can find me at Ace’s Freelance Services.

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