How to Calculate ROI in Marketing [Free Excel Templates]

It’s a brand new month, everyone! It’s a time for new beginnings. New email campaigns, blog posts, and social media strategies are on the horizon. But, aren’t we forgetting something? With last month’s activities done, we need to pause for a second to examine what worked and what didn’t. You can’t do that just by saying last month’s activities were “great” — because “great” doesn’t pay the bills. If you can prove that your marketing activities actually made an impact on your business, you’ll have many more opportunities at your disposal. More budget to play with, potential hires to bring on board, and more ideas to put in action. Sounds like every marketer’s dream, right? So how do you go about first, finding the right metrics to use, and second, proving your marketing’s ROI to your boss? Why, with a monthly marketing report template, of course. Download our completely revamped…

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