How Google's Head of Startups LATAM Helps Brands Globalize Their Business [+Tips for Marketers]

Nike. McDonald’s. Airbnb. What do these three brands have in common? All three have developed a strong global presence. It’s why you hear about the Whopper in Spain, or spot Nike Jordan’s on the streets of Indonesia. Fortunately, global marketing isn’t just for big corporations anymore — nowadays, technology has significantly shrunken the ‘cost per entry’ when it comes to developing an international brand. With social media and search engines closing the information gap between countries, I’m willing to bet some international consumers have already stumbled across your business’ website. But the question remains: How can you properly market and sell to international audiences? And how can you ensure product-market fit with communities outside your own? To investigate how startups and small businesses can scale their marketing efforts for a worldwide audience, I sat down with André Barrence, Head of Google for Startups LATAM. Keep reading to learn Barrence’s tips…

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