2021 YouTube Demographics [New Data] [+What Each Generation is Watching]

Chances are, you’ve probably spent an afternoon falling down a rabbit hole of YouTube videos. I certainly have, and I think I’d be pretty embarrassed to see the total amount of time I’ve spent on the platform. While it’s a great source of entertainment, YouTube has also proved itself to be a valuable tool for marketers. In fact, 70% of viewers bought from a brand after seeing content on YouTube. And, with a global user base of more than 2 billion people, it’s also safe to assume that your target audience is on the platform. However, just as it is for all social networks, building a presence on YouTube requires understanding which segments of your audience are already there and what they’re watching. Having that information makes it easier to create content that speaks to their interests, maximize ROI, and achieve general marketing success. In this post, we’ll go over…

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